February 20th and 21st at the Olympics

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Olympic ringsCarnage (but not really). Falling down and getting back up. Snowboarding. Skiing. Missing the culture segments. And finally, women’s hockey gold!


Amanda: Apparently there is some sort of process for cleaning the ice after a collision in short track. It involves what looks like a smoother tool and a fire extinguisher?
Maybe it was actually the aftermath of a blade breaking at the start of the race. Watching the skaters get their skates fixed now.
From the short track commentator at the start of the women’s 3000m relay: This is helter skelter stuff. Hold onto your hats.
Lots of skaters falling – “There is carnage all over the place!”
(No actual carnage, I should point out.)
In 2-Man luge, each person has some steering responsibility. What about in bobsled? Unless you’re the pilot do you just fold yourself in and hope for the best?
Seems even more extraneous with 4 people.

Lisa: Everyone has to lean just right for the curves in bobsled. With 4 I think the trick is getting everyone into the sled quickly.
I’m glad there was no actual carnage.

Amanda: That makes sense.
Me too. Drama, but no carnage.

Lisa: Woman’s downhill and Shimri and Shimei are arguing if the skier fell down or if she got back up.

Amanda: Can it be both?

Lisa: Most of their arguments can be both. Doesn’t mean they won’t argue about it though. 😁

Amanda: That’s fair.

Lisa: Can you play this when you are at the Olympics so that my kids do their trick at the Olympics? {video of the kids doing their Olympic trick}

Amanda: Of course!
Watching ski cross on Japanese tv at my favorite ramen place. Can’t understand the commentary, but I don’t need to!

Lisa: I’m watching men’s big air.
Is ski cross as fun as board cross?

Amanda: I was about to say fewer crashes, but then I looked up and saw footage of medics and a skier, so I’m going to say yes.

Lisa: Talking Olympics with my friends at the children’s museum today and they agreed that ski half-pipe just isn’t quite the same as snowboard half-pipe.

Amanda: They just don’t get the same air.
The crashed skier just got evacuated on a stretcher pulled by a snowmobile. I hope they are okay!
I can read most of the screen. It says freestyle ski, ski cross. In Japanese.
Ooh. The other part says tournament.
And there is kanji I can’t read.

Lisa: That’s amazing since you’ve only been there a bit over a year.

Amanda: Reading katakana is a lot like playing Mad Gabs. You sound it out and roll it around in your head until it makes sense, so long as it’s an English word they are using. So, tournament sounds out as tonamento.

Lisa: Sometimes talking with toddlers is a lot like Mad Gabs too. Context definitely helps.

Amanda: For sure. I called my brother for his birthday this week and as soon as he answered I said 誕生日おめでとうございます。And he asked if that was Happy Birthday in Japanese. Yes, indeed! Context is very helpful.

Amanda: And now I’m full of delicious ramen and my tongue is only kind of burnt, so it’s down the street to main base for errands time.
And I was approaching the base shuttle bus stop just as I realized I might be able to catch it. So I jogged a little. Made it to the stop with one minute to spare, but jogging on legs sore from dance with a ramen filled tummy may have been unwise.
But hey, it will save me at least 10 minutes of walking.
It only runs every 30 minutes or so, so I don’t even usually try unless it serendipitously works out.

Lisa: Maybe they should make catching a bus with a belly full of ramen after dancing an Olympic sport.

Amanda: 🤢 🤮

Lisa: Okay. Maybe not.

Lisa: Men’s short track, a whole block of North Korean fans waving their fans in perfect unison. It was a bit unexpected.
Interesting results in women’s short track relay.

Amanda: Yes! That was the one with the drama and carnage.


Amanda: Buzzfeed: 18 Tumblr Posts About The Olympics That Are Just Really Frickin’ Funny

Lisa: Yup. That’s about right.
Were you able to get your tickets stuff worked out?

Amanda: Not yet. And there have been further schedule changes to complicate things. So in a short bit, I’m on my way and hoping for the best.

Lisa: Good luck.

Amanda: Thank you.

Lisa: Iddo was introduced to cartwheels last week at her gymnastics class and has decided she knows how to do them now after three attempts (she knows the specifics but still needs help making her body do it). She wants me to video her doing one tomorrow to send to you to play at the Olympics.
(her class is tomorrow morning)
I have seen almost zero cultural pieces about what life is like in South Korea. It’s disappointing.
I’ve seen a tiny blip about wandering around the city eating the variety of foods.
And I saw another blip tonight about being able to dress in traditional garb and if you are wearing the traditional clothing you can get into any temple for free.
But that’s it.

Amanda: That should work!

Lisa: Come on! Tell me what the people are like so that I can get to know them and care about them and we can promote more peace in the world!
Vonn went off course. That’s a bit disappointing.

Amanda: That’s true. Might be palaces though. Temples are free anyway.
That’s pretty much what I do. That’s exactly the plan for dinner tonight.
Hear hear!

Lisa: Women’s gold medal hockey match between Canada and US just went to a shoot out after still being tied after over time.
Good opportunity to see the goalies’ helmets.
Izri is probably going to wake up and need me before the shoot out is over.

Amanda: Exciting!

Lisa: Still tied after they each had 5 shots. Now they just shoot till someone scores but someone else misses.
We WON!!!

Amanda: WOOHOO!!!!!

Lisa: We just smooshed our goalie as everyone piled on top of her.

Amanda: Naturally!

Lisa: Good thing they’re all wearing pads.

Amanda: Probably both heavier, yet safer.

Lisa: WOW! The goaltender was the age of Izri the last time the US won the gold.

Amanda: When was that?

Lisa: 20 years ago.
Canada won the last 4 gold medals.

Amanda: Awesome!

Lisa: They are playing “Born in the USA” over the speakers in the arena.
Ten medal events today. Busiest day in Winter Olympic history.

Amanda: Ha!
Because they rescheduled some from tomorrow. 😡

Lisa: Right.
If I stay up just a little longer I can watch a tie breaker curling event!
I think I’ll go to bed.

Amanda: Probably a wise choice.

2 shared thoughts about February 20th and 21st at the Olympics

  1. Giggle

    Remembering all the places I was when making these comments – I was all over the place! Two countries even!

  2. Brett says:

    “Drama, but no carnage.” It sounds like speed skating has a lot in common with raising a two-year-old.

    Never mind; in the latter case there’s plenty of carnage to go with the drama.

    “The crashed skier just got evacuated on a stretcher pulled by a snowmobile.” And I bet he’s STILL going slower than the bobsledders!

    “誕生日おめでとうございます” Nice. Every once in awhile I enjoy reading from Iddo’s point of view.

    “Men’s short track, a whole block of North Korean fans waving their fans in perfect unison.” They do everything in perfect unison in that country. It’s creepy in a 1984-ish kind of way.

    “I have seen almost zero cultural pieces about what life is like in South Korea. It’s disappointing.” Yes, but at least you just heard everything you need to know about what life is like in North Korea.

    “We just smooshed our goalie as everyone piled on top of her.” That’s OK; apparently we don’t need her anymore.



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