What once was lost

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I’ve long kept a mental running list of the things that we’ve lost in our house. Something is always missing. Sometimes I even put a post-it up for each thing we’re missing to remind me to keep an eye out for them. Eventually everything turns up, often when we aren’t actively looking.

Earlier this year we lost one of our Squigz toys. I looked high and low for that. I looked in couch cushions and everywhere I could possibly think to look for it. Every time we cleaned the family room I looked for it. And we couldn’t find it.

Then we went on vacation this summer. We stopped in Bountiful to see family. We went to Yellowstone with other family. We stopped back in Bountiful on our way home. Our last stop before reaching home was Las Vegas so we could break up the long drive home in two days. At each stop we set up both pack-n-plays for Shimri and Shimei to sleep in at our hotel. The last night, after over a week of traveling, Shimei was walking around the hotel room with a Squigz we hadn’t packed with us. He’d found the lost Squigz! It had apparently been put in the side pocket of one of the pack-n-plays when we had it out once.

Things always turn up.

We’re currently missing a puzzle piece to a game I got in Brasil. My two guesses for where it’s at are in the Christmas decorations or in my mom’s luggage. We’ll have to see where we need to go to find it.

4 shared thoughts about What once was lost

  1. mama g says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. :p

  2. Brett says:

    Are you sure the singular of Squiz is Squigz? :brett:

  3. Giggle

    Since I consider myself a fairly well organized person, and don’t usually have littler hands around to help, I dislike the rare occasions wherein I misplace things. Can never predict where Blake is going to put the cheese knife though.


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