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A lot of families have a family motto. And we have one of those – Be good and learn something.

But not every family has a family meme. We do – That’s why I married you.

I can’t recall how it started, but it probably started pretty close to the time when our family started. In response to one of us doing something, often humorous, always random, we say “That’s why I married you.” One of the first might have been about how I make good water. I had a large water filter pitcher in my fridge when we were dating and always had cold water in the fridge, so Brett says he married me for my water making abilities.

Taken out of context, all of our reasons why we got married are very shallow, and definitely not good enough reasons to get married. But that’s why it’s funny. Who marries someone because they have cold water in their fridge?

“You smell good.” “That’s why you married me.”
“I got the laundry done.” “That’s why I married you.”
“You’re warm.” “That’s why you married me.”

I imagine if we were to add them all up we’d have well over a thousand reasons why we got married. With thousands more reasons yet to be discovered.

So we’re really not as shallow as our family meme would suggest. We’re just that much in love.

3 shared thoughts about Our family meme

  1. Brett says:

    We’re probably the only family in the world with a family meme. I like it. (That’s why I married you.) :brett:

  2. Denicend says:

    How fun. You two really are a match made in Heaven!

  3. Giggle

    Yay love! :love:


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