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Last week I shared all the hand and foot print art I’ve done with our kids. This week I wanted to share the other types of art that I’ve done with them so far.

Markers – 4 months old. I taped Color Wonder markers to her feet, sat her up in the bouncy chair, and then held the paper to her feet on a clip board while she kicked.


Finger Paint – 6 months old. She was more interested in eating the paper than the paint. The paint was edible, the paper was not. After she was finished I scanned her paintings into the computer and used them as background images for Christmas presents. It was pretty cool. We called them LED Designs.

2013-12-14a 2013-12-14b

Crayons – 14 months old and on. I gave her crayons for the first time at 14 months. I would put a piece of paper on a clipboard and use painters tape to tape down the other side. She’s had a lot of fun with her crayons, sometimes using one in each hand at the same time. Her crayons are always available to her now and I try to keep little coloring books out for her too. To make a coloring book I stack five pieces of paper together and cut them in half. I then fold each half in half and do a basting stitch down the fold with my sewing machine. I can make two 10-page books for her that way. Then she tells me what to draw on each page and she colors them.

2014-08-28 2014-11-12 2014-11-26 2015-08-11

Painting (with a fork) – 2 years. Just what it sounds like. The Pinterest idea had the kids doing the fork prints in a circle to look like a firework. I think random 2-year-old whackings with a fork look like fireworks too.


Torn paper – 2 years & 4 months. Turns out she doesn’t like tearing paper. But after I helped her get it torn she did alright gluing it down.


Painting (on a pumpkin) – 2 years & 4 months. This pumpkin has a yellow face and a black face. If I would’ve let her she would’ve done a face in every other color of tempera paint we have as well.


Sidewalk Chalk – 22 months and on. She can’t go in the backyard anymore without wanting her colors. Our backyard is always very well decorated both with her own drawings and the ones she’s convinced us to do for her. Monsoon season did a good job of regularly clearing her canvas for her as well.

2015-06-04 2015-07-01a 2015-07-01b
2015-07-29 2015-08-17 2015-09-01
2015-09-26 2015-10-08 2015-11-11

2 shared thoughts about Crafts with my kiddos – Other mediums

  1. Giggle

    Adorable. I definitely want to borrow some of these ideas in the future!

  2. Brett says:

    I like all of them, but there’s something about taping markers to her feet that is pure genius. :brett:


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