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Last Thursday there was a partial solar eclipse in the US. Where we are it hit maximum eclipse at 3:38pm. The last solar eclipse to come through here happened on a Sunday (in May 2012) so I was able to pull Brett out back and show it to me in our backyard. This time he was going to be at work. Not a problem though. Because for some reason we still have that Cheerio box turned pin hole viewer so I just put it in his car and gave him a call when he needed to find a moment to head out to the parking lot and take a look.

But that left me without a pin hole viewer. However, from the Venus transit in June 2012 I learned that you can watch the sun by setting up binoculars on a tripod and blocking one of the sides and making a larger shadow around the binoculars. That would be easier for Iddo to watch anyway. So I cut up a Lucky Charms box and used some duct tape and we were set to watch the sun. With our set up we were even able to observe the crazy sun spot that the astronomy world was talking about last week too.

When we started watching. Maximum eclipse.
Our solar observatory. Hmm. Shadows. Sun?
Look! A twig! Hi garden turtle. Walking is so much fun.
Wait. Mom wants me to care about this. Just passing through. Eclipse in the trees.

Iddo was a bit more interested in what was in our backyard rather than what was going on above it. Perhaps by the next one in 2017 she’ll find it a little more fascinating.

4 shared thoughts about Eclipse!

  1. Mama g says:

    Her first science project.

  2. Denice says:

    Way to go.

  3. Brett says:

    That was pretty cool. I continue to maintain, however, that the best way to look at a full solar eclipse is to look at the ground at night. :sun: :moon: :unsure: :brett:

  4. Whitney says:

    Precious baby!!


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