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Resolve is a non-profit organization that supports legislation to make family building easier (like the adoption tax-credit), fights legislation that would make family building harder (like the over-the-top regulation of IVF they tried to pass in Arizona last year when the state senator said our daughter had no right to life), provides support groups for people dealing with infertility, and raises general awareness about infertility.

Random Giggles - Support the Embryo Who LivedWe will be participating in their annual fundraiser again this year – the Walk of Hope (our walk last year). Last year we walked in honor of Iddo. This year the three of us will be walking in Scottsdale in March in her honor, the embryo who lived, as well as for her potential future siblings. If you’d like to support our team you can donate here – Team Tohledoth.

Last year the two of us raised $200. This year we think our third team member (Iddo), is cute enough we can raise $300. You could donate $1 for each of the 8 embryos we still have in the freezer, $1 for each of the 17 embryos we transferred before we got our daughter, whatever amount you are comfortable with.

There are very few organizations I feel are worth donating money too, Resolve is one of them. Please support our team.

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