Lint Llamas & Backyard Adventures

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Last week I had fun in our backyard. I love that I got a backyard to garden in and play around with and hang bird feeders in out of this marriage deal. I trimmed our tree so now you don’t have to duck at any place when you walk under it (although if you watch me walk around it for the next few weeks or so you’ll probably be able to tell where you had to duck because I’ll still be ducking). Honestly, I only meant to cut off the dead branches.

Menacing silhouette with a saw The lumber pile

I borrowed a leaf blower from a friend and blew the yard for the first time in 5+ years. OH MY GOODNESS!! There were a lot of little teeny tiny leaves in our yard – an inch of so thick across the entire patio when I got it to that point. (The tree I trimmed has little teeny tiny leaves). Apparently you should blow your yard more than once every 5 years. There were enough leaves to completely fill our trash can. I have to wait till garbage day before I can do the front yard. Maybe Brett will get me a leaf blower for my birthday because that was honestly a lot of fun. Thank goodness for the ear plugs I thought to get or I’d still be getting dust out of my ears.

The leaf pile

This week we’re playing around inside the house – cleaning carpets and playing musical beds. (We also painted a bedroom the last two weeks, but more on that later).

When we got married Brett had a twin bed and I had a queen. We moved the queen into the master bedroom and the twin into bedroom #2. Bedroom #1 was used for storage. Last month I cleaned out bedroom #1 (it was all my stuff being stored in there). On Saturday we borrowed a carpet cleaner from another friend and cleaned the carpet in bedroom #1. That evening after it dried we moved the twin into there.

Friday night we went and bought a king-sized bed. Bed shopping is actually a rather fun married person date. We spent over an hour laying on different beds and talking. We started feeling a bit like Goldilocks trying to find the one that was “just right” and started wondering if the sales lady wasn’t just messing with us and they were all the exact same. It was a lot like when you go to the eye doctor for glasses and they put that thing up to your face and ask you which is better, one or two, one or two, one or three, one or three, three or four, three or four, until you are pretty sure you have no idea what you are talking about any more and are afraid you’re going to end up with the wrong prescription because you can’t tell the difference!!

Anyway. We bought a bed. And it was delivered this morning. We got up super early this morning and moved the queen into the family room (for now) so we could get the carpets in our room cleaned before the new bed got here. The queen will eventually be moved into bedroom #2 but we have to clean that one out and clean that carpet first.

Moving all this seldom moved furniture, combined with the fact that the last time we cleaned the carpets was in September 2009, we’ve come across a lot of dust, and the carpets have produced a lot of lint. We definitely have more than dust bunnies going on here. I was trying to think of a larger fluffy animal to illustrate to Brett how much dust/lint there was and llamas came to mind. So we have dust/lint llamas in our house. Maybe you’re supposed to clean the carpets more than every 3.5+ years too.

Lint Llamas

This is apparently what a person does after finishing a dissertation.

And here’s a photo of a hummingbird taking flight from a branch of our tree and a swarm of bees that took up residence in our yard last Monday before moving on, just for fun. It’s always an adventure in our back yard.

A hummingbird taking flight A harmless swarm of bees

5 shared thoughts about Lint Llamas & Backyard Adventures

  1. Brett says:

    I was told once that yard tools make exceptionally BAD birthday gifts, much like bathroom scales and exercise equipment.

    I’m glad you like our little back yard.

    Thanks for all you’ve done with the house while I’ve been at work. It’s been fun working with you in the evenings and weekends. I’m looking forward to sleeping in the bed tonight! :brett:

    • Giggles says:

      Was the person telling you that assuming I was a “normal” woman? And you do realize you’ve gotten me yoga equipment for Christmas twice, right?

      You’ve got to see how big this bed is. Oh my goodness! We’re also going to need a chair or bench in our room now because there is no way you are going to be able to sit on it to put your shoes on in the morning. :lisa:

  2. mama g says:

    I like the idea of lint Llamas. 🙂

  3. Denice says:

    I think the lint looks like turtles –sorry Iddo.

  4. Giggle

    1 – Gifts like appliances and exercise equipment are only bad ideas if the wife has not expressed a desire for them. You can always add a small fun gift to the pile.

    2 – 6 more days and I, too, am going to go a little crazy with getting our apartment together once and for all. Hooray for completed degrees!


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