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Several months ago I had a conversation with the nurse practitioner at our RE’s office about my research. Not an odd occurrence. People regularly ask me what my research is about. Except this time the conversation was right after a medical exam, which meant I was still sitting on the exam table, without pants. Sure I had a paper thing over me, but still, I wasn’t wearing pants. I decided at that point that if I could have a conversation about my research while not wearing pants, then I knew my stuff. And my defense couldn’t be all that bad because I’d definitely be wearing pants for it (or a nice professional skirt).

Here are before and after photos of my morning. Can you see a difference?

In the before photo I am Lisa M. G. Dennis, M.Ed. and in the after photo I am Dr. Lisa M. G. Dennis, Ph.D. I look a lot smarter in the after photo don’t I? I have a few more minor revisions to make on my document before we call it official. But for all intents and purposes it’s just paperwork and don’t trip at the ceremony in May at this point. :apple:

8 shared thoughts about This is it!

  1. Brett says:
    1 person giggled

    I’m proud of you Sweetheart! :love: :brett:

  2. HeidiAphrodite says:

    You are so amazing! Also, you look great either way. :)

  3. mama g says:

    Yes, you look much smarter in the after picture. :D And you make a very cute pregnant lady. :)

  4. Denice says:

    Adorable pregnant doctor. I wish my doctor was that good looking. I agree with your Mom, you do look much smarter in the second picture. :)

  5. mama g says:

    Party, Party, Party!! :D

  6. Whitney says:

    You look SOOOO happy in the second picture and very excited in the first! And very cute pregnant too haha!

  7. Giggle

    YAYAYAYAY!!! I’m so glad it went well! Congratulations!

  8. Lara says:

    Wonderful work! Parabens!!!