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Several weeks ago, The Book Guardian tagged me to write about seven things you might not know about me. Someone else might have tagged me too, but I can’t remember. I don’t know what people do and don’t know about me though. So I’m going to write about seven strange things about me. You might know some of them, you might not.

1. I do not stay in motels. I will stay in hotels, inns, suites, lodges, all other forms of sleeping situations. But I will not stay in motels. And there are reasons for that too. And those reasons are completely logical for me. As I tell others, I’m not that kind of woman.

2. I do not listen to Christmas music on the radio. I love Christmas music. I’ll put it on at different times throughout the year. But I do not want to hear it on the radio. Two radio stations here start to play it far far far too early. One starts on Halloween, the other the day after Halloween. My problem with Christmas music on the radio is that so many of the songs are stupid bad covers of songs. Plus, I think most of the people singing Christmas songs on the radio are hypocrites for doing it compared to songs they sing the rest of the year. I listen to Christmas music, but it must be my choice to do it.

3. I’m absolutely terrified of moths. They will get me. I know they will. They are ugly and they fly like they are drunk. And if there is any way possible, I will not be within 50 feet of a moth.

4. I lettered in computer science in high school. Yes, I’m that big of a geek.

5. I love packing tape. Love love love love it. My parents gave me three rolls for Christmas or my birthday once and I was so happy.

6. I love socks. I’m not sure what it is with them. But I like socks. I like fun socks. I like wearing my sports socks. I even think my toes are the kind that look good in toe socks. And then there’s the whole joke about knocking socks off with some of my friends. That just adds to the appeal of socks. My feet are almost always cold too, so socks come in handy.

7. Cheerios is my favorite breakfast cereal. And I can tell the difference between the name brand and the knock-offs. I also must remove all Cheerio dust before I will eat them. They must be dust free.

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  1. Laylabean says:

    Totally with you on the Christmas music thing! And you must meet my 7-year-old, she shares your love of tape. You two could have a great afternoon together with your respective stashes of tape.

  2. admin says:

    For proof of my computer geekiness – Mr. Me’s Blog – Christmas Party


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