Parents for choosing to be selfish in Utah (a.k.a. Parents for Choice)

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There is a group called “Parents for Choice in Education” that is nothing more than a gathering for the selfish parents in Utah. They are not for choice for all parents in Utah. They are really trying to get all people in Utah to fund their choices. They want to be able to choose to spend funds from the entire state of Utah on their child rather than having funds from the entire state of Utah benefit children in the entire state of Utah. They do not want responsibility for their own choices, they do not want to have to pay for their choices. It is just another example of how our society would rather not pay for their choices, they’d rather have the government, the insurance company, other tax payers, pay for their choices and bad decisions.

I am anxiously watching my mail box this week, checking with baited breath every day when I get home from work. And the only thing that was in there tonight was a flier from this group.

And the stupid flier wouldn’t even catch on fire. It just melted and fizzled out. I guess I need more lighter fluid.

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