Monthly Archives: September 2010

Starry Nights

Categories: Happy Things, Science & Tech

Cleaning out my saved files I found a bunch of Astronomy Photograph of the Day photos that I really liked but hadn’t gotten around to sharing yet. So here we go. Keep reading

An unexpected problem

Categories: Health

This might seem like a strange problem to have, but I haven’t had a kidney stone in a year now. … Keep reading

Never Forget

Categories: Life, Politics

Most people can tell you exactly where they were 9 years ago today. It is something they will never forget. And that phrase, “Never Forget,” has come to be associated with this date. But possibly some have forgotten something. Keep reading

Now for the News

Categories: Education, Folks, News, Random, Relationships, Science & Tech

Changing times. Tetris. Postcards. Creativity. Texting & spelling. Scary music. Information addiction. True humor. Dying languages. Musicians and language. Talking stuff. Flying time. Keep reading

Espero – I wait. Espero – I hope.

Categories: Gospel, Life, Musings

I recently heard myself pray, “Dê-me esperança enquanto espero.” Give me hope while I wait. I paused. And I thought about what I had just said. For some reason I had never realized before that one way to say “to wait” is also a way to say “to hope.” … Keep reading