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There are reasons why I would never be a politician. There are reasons why I vote every year.

I support public education in Arizona

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To the Governor of Arizona and my representatives, I am a registered voter in Arizona who highly values education. This coming school year our oldest will enroll in kindergarten. … I will gladly provide my daughter’s teacher with however many reams of paper she puts on the supply list, with facial tissue, crayons, pencils, and whatever other supplies she needs. Because I care about my daughter’s education, and all her classmates. And I know that based on past actions my daughter’s teacher will not be able to count on the state supporting her. Keep reading

Remarks on Mothers and the Economy

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Dear Mr. President, I am a drain on your economy. … Your statement, Mr. President, was degrading to all the mothers who choose to stay home with their children. Your plan, Mr. President, merely puts a band-aid on the issue rather than seeking out the real cause and solution. Keep reading

An ocean spilled out

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If the emotions of my hidden ocean were to spill on the floor last week… Infertility SUCKS! Help thou mine unbelief. Keep reading

The best of 2013

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As I was thinking back over 2013 it seemed there were really only 2 “top stories,” and we mentioned those in our Christmas letter, so making a bigger list seemed silly. But I think I can still pull out 13 “top stories” for the year. Here we go: Keep reading

Marriage & Wealth

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The idea is that wealth leads to marriage. But what if it’s the other way around. What if marriage leads to wealth? Keep reading

The fire still burns

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The fire of chaos still burns in the world. The news headlines from the day my daughter was born include a standoff at a Pakistan hospital, riot police in Instanbul, Iran reformists, Syrian rebels, and an IRS scandal. Keep reading

Independence Day 2013

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May we always defend our families, our freedom, the truth, righteousness, and peace.