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IVF Means…

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I can think of no better way to describe IVF than as one of the greatest miracles of modern science. – Brett Keep reading

The miracle of the stockings

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I needed a sixth red satin stocking, made out of red satin from a store that doesn’t exist any more. I could order a swatch to see if the red satin matched for $2 plus shipping, or I could throw caution to the wind and buy a whole yard for $5 plus shipping. I bought the yard. The package arrived and I nervously opened it up. I pulled it out. It was definitely the right type of fabric. I got my scraps out to compare the color. Keep reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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The inside of our house is decorated. We’ll get to the outside next week. So while it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas, we were in the 90s this week and Iddo wondered why we were decorating for Christmas if it was still too hot to hang out in my hammock, it’s beginning to look like Christmas. The kids even got their Christmas pajamas tonight. So here’s some Christmas music to get us started. I dread radio Christmas music. It just sucks. But I’ll gladly put together my own mix and listen all month long. … What new favorites or old classics would you put on your mix? Keep reading


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I don’t believe in a one-and-only. Instead I believe that there are many people we could definitely be happy with. Different kinds of happy of course with different people. But still happy and living a wonderful life. However… Keep reading

My little turkeys

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My little turkeys won’t be little for long so I’m doing what I can to preserve as much of their littleness as possible. Thanksgiving just kind of lends itself to hand prints. Keep reading

Princess Giggles

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I remember hearing multiple times in multiple different places that it is the teenage and early adulthood years where we “find ourselves” and figure out who we are. I’m so glad that discovery isn’t limited to those years. I love that my life is a constant source of discovery and growth as I continue to become. How I define myself now is so incredibly different in a lot of ways from how I would’ve defined myself 15-25 years ago. There are some constants though. Keep reading

Warehouse Stores

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What is it about stores that sell things in bulk that also means people have to comment when you have kids in bulk? … I often watch our kids and comment that we had them purely for the entertainment value they provide. Taking them out in public just provides even more options for entertainment. Keep reading