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What is it about stores that sell things in bulk that also means people have to comment when you have kids in bulk? I’m in different online groups of mothers of multiples and pretty much every single one of us has a story of someone saying something weird to us when we’re shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco. Today when we went it was the woman who pretty much lost her voice upon seeing us with our four kids and could pretty much only mouth “Are they all yours?” and then respond to my happy, “yup!” by shaking, not just her head but her whole body, and mouthing “Oh my G–!”

Yes, I am sometimes amazed at the fact that we have four kids as well. Last night in particular as I put the last one down for bed it seemed a bit surreal to me but that’s probably related to the fact that there was a time we weren’t sure we’d have any. But is four kids really that many?

We actually didn’t get any comments about having twins this time around, but that one’s pretty common too. We did have someone point to Shimri and Shimei and ask what aisle he could pick some up on.

And there was the old guy doing samples that asked me how long my labor was with Izri. Which was weird. But then he said he’d been a nurse before retiring and had a woman call the hospital to say her water broke, but she was on the bus on the way to the hospital and would be there soon. His background made the question less weird.

I often watch our kids and comment that we had them purely for the entertainment value they provide. Taking them out in public just provides even more options for entertainment.

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  1. Lena says:

    4 REALLY isn’t that many people…and it’s not anyone’s place to comment anyhow. :angry:

  2. Brett says:

    “But is four kids really that many?”

    Americans’ views about the ideal number of children for a family to have changed substantially since Gallup first started tracking this measure in 1936. From 1936 until 1967, most Americans preferred a LARGE FAMILY, CONSISTING OF THREE OR MORE CHILDREN.


    Apparently, it’s really that many. At least if you believe the research.


  3. HeidiAphrodite says:

    Next time someone says, “Oh my G–,” you can smile and say, “mine, too! And I thank Him every day!” lol

  4. Giggle

    The joke about what aisle for the twins sounds like something I would say. Also, I think it’s sort of less weird for a family with four kids to shop at a bulk store than it is for my family of no kids. There is very little we need that much of.


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