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One of the hardest parts of motherhood for me is lasts. You rarely get to plan them. They sneak up on you. Sometimes they pass without you noticing till it’s too late. … But I can tell the LAST is coming. And as much as I want to sleep through the night again, I’m definitely going to miss those sacred moments. And I won’t even know to enjoy that LAST until it’s already gone. Keep reading

What’s Your Origin Story?

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Today I taught Gospel Doctrine about “Finding Joy in Temple and Family History Work.” As I thought about it in preparation though I realized it was in part a lesson about what our origin stories are and the importance of knowing those stories. There are days I like to think of myself as a super hero, and every super hero has an origin story, so what’s mine? Keep reading

He is our Father

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We are God’s children. So that means He takes us when we’re having a tantrum and holds us on His lap and sings to us our special song until we’ve calmed down. That means He gets up with us in the middle of the night when we throw up and helps us change our sheets and get on new pjs. That means He stays up at night worried about how we’re going to make friends and what He can do to help protect us from the bad that is out there. Keep reading

Thank you

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As we’ve been teaching our kids manners it’s dawned on us that while we can withhold things until they say “please,” we have no power to make them say “thank you” after. … They already have what they want so we can’t hold that over them till they say it. … A true thank you cannot be coerced out of us. I think that may be why gratitude is a form of love. Keep reading

Thankful blessings

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Whether thankful blessings are the obvious ones or the ones we recognize only in hindsight, I hope I can be better at expressing gratitude for them all. Keep reading

The 100 Most Influential People in Your Life

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There are so many people in my life who have had an influence, large and small, who probably do not know the difference they made in my life. It makes me hope that the influence I’m having on those around me is a positive one even if I wouldn’t make their list of the top 100 people. Keep reading

She’s not a horror story

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Oh the pain! The anguish! The humanity!! You think you’re miserable when you’re pregnant? Just you wait. You’ll be doubly so in labor and be cursing the heavens and wanting to die during the actual delivery. … The birth of our daughter was not a horror story. And I refuse to tell it as such. Keep reading