Monthly Archives: October 2010

Wants? Needs? Have!

Categories: Happy Things

Instead, gearing up for November and Thanksgiving, here’s a list of a few of the small things I have this week that make me happy. … And I’ll be participating in NaBloPoMo. Keep reading

Music for a Monday

Categories: Happy Things, Random

Here’s some fun music for your Monday morning. Keep reading

Happy 7th Birthday Miss Giggles!

Categories: Life

It’s been seven years since Miss Giggles went live on the internet. And my how it’s grown! Keep reading

For whom the phone rings

Categories: Science & Tech

It better not ring for me. I hate the phone. Hate. … IF I answer. Keep reading

What matters

Categories: Family, Gospel, Musings

If our lives are so short, am I really making good use of the little time I have? How will what I’m doing now affect me eternally? And if it won’t make a difference, why bother? Keep reading

Random Sampler of Happy Things

Categories: Books, Gospel, Happy Things

General Conference. Soaring hawks. Friendly bus driver. Cooler weather. British versions. And Grover. Keep reading

We’ll miss you

Categories: Family

Grandpa Fred Nuttall Giles: 13 December 1913 – 10 October 2010 Keep reading