Monthly Archives: November 2010

Z completes it

Categories: Books, Random

When I was reading the book “The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet” they said that when the whole alphabet is used it denotes completeness, especially if they are used in order. Keep reading

Yodeling on a mountain so high

Categories: Life, Musings

“Once an ostrich went yodeling on a mountain so high. When along game a … and erupted his cry…” Keep reading

28 is a happy number

Categories: Happy Things

I had never heard of happy numbers before. Keep reading

X marks the spot

Categories: Gospel

Guest post by Brett: “Clearly, ‘x marks the spot.'” Keep reading

What I am

Categories: Life

There are several labels you could use to describe me. … What I am is special. Keep reading

Very blessed. Very thankful.

Categories: Family, Gospel

It seems a bit cliché to say this today, but I am very thankful for all I have. I do not consider what I have to be luck. Keep reading

Up above the world so high

Categories: Life, Science & Tech

The stars, moon, and other planets have always had a pull on me. I’ve always looked up and wondered. Keep reading