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Stupid questions

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I completely missed the “holiday” on Tuesday, September 28th. Keep reading

What are my options?

Categories: Food

Since then we’ve fallen into a rut. We also have the problem that when I ask Brett what he wants for dinner he’ll say one of three things – chicken and rice, chicken and potatoes, or “What are my options?” We’ve come up with two ways we’re working on that right now. … Keep reading

Unplugged – The follow-up

Categories: Education, Science & Tech, Work

The first assignment asks the students to try out the theories of classical and operant conditioning on themselves. … For the second assignment they have to list twenty behaviors they do in a single day and then analyze why they did them. … Both of these assignments relate to my unplugged week last week. Keep reading

Elephants! And Equinoxes!

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Today is Elephant Appreciation Day. Here’s me with the elephants …. Today is also the Autumnal Equinox. So of course it’s completely overcast …. Keep reading

The bio

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At one point she started talking about the “historical autobiography” she was writing. I couldn’t help but think she must not understand the meaning of at least one of those words. … At various points in my life I’ve been asked to write autobiographies. … Keep reading

223 years and counting

Categories: Politics

This is a country of people. Not of states or governments or judges. But of people. Keep reading

Going unplugged (sort of)

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Two news articles this past week caught my attention. The first was on the NPR website about how a “University declares a week without social media.” … The second article was in the BBC titled “How to disconnect from your online life.” … Keep reading