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While Brett and I were at the dentist a few weeks ago a woman was participating in a very one-sided conversation with just about anyone she could see. Those types of people fascinate me. Not everyone can carry on a whole conversation by themselves. At one point she started talking about the “historical autobiography” she was writing. I couldn’t help but think she must not understand the meaning of at least one of those words.

At various points in my life I’ve been asked to write autobiographies. During my theater years I wrote several “bios” to be included in the programs for the shows I was in. Those were always kind of fun, particularly because I tended to be in the odd types of shows. For example, my bio for my last show, He Done Her Wrong, a melodrama where I played the town idiot (people were always saying I was type cast in all my shows ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) read like this:

Lisa Giles (Alvina Moneycracker) – I teach children (at Mount Mahogany Elementary School). I do shows (Heidi, Sweeney Todd, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Tony & Tina’s Wedding, Alias Smedley Pewtree). I read books (all sorts, but mostly children’s literature). I sew quilts (it’s relaxing). I like flowers. (I’m like Alvina that way. Note to self: make more time to stop and smell the flowers.) I live. I laugh. I love. Que Vida Boa!

And a bio like that works in a situation like that.

I’ve recently been asked to write another bio. And while this one will also be in a program, it can’t really be like my theater ones. It’s a very different situation. This one will be printed in the Erasmus Circle Scholars Program. It needs to be academic and professional. And it needs to be between 50-60 words. And I’m slightly stumped.

While looking for something else last week I found a print out of this story from when I was teaching elementary school – Mount Mahogany fourth-graders get into movie making. That was a real fun project. I guess I have done some good stuff in my career already. I never really think about that kind of stuff though. It’s just what I do.

2 shared thoughts about The bio

  1. Mr. Me says:

    I remember that bio! Good memories.

    I remember the stop motion movies! Good memories.


  2. Giggles says:

    Brett’s been mentioning the idea of a six-word autobiography since I first mentioned them back in February. He won’t write his own though.

    He thinks I should’ve used six words instead of the 62 I did use. Since my name needed to be included and is now four words it would’ve read something like this:
    Lisa M. G. Dennis is AWESOME!!

    Somehow that doesn’t quite have the professional tone I think I need to go for here. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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