Elephants! And Equinoxes!

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Today is Elephant Appreciation Day. :lisa:

Here’s me with the elephants I’ve seen in the last year and a bit.

Today is also the Autumnal Equinox (technically it is 3:09am UTC on the 23rd, but that puts it on the 22nd where I’m at), the day with equal amounts of light and dark. So of course it’s completely overcast and has already poured rain once today. But that’s good. We need rain.

At the start of this semester I was getting home before the sun dropped below the horizon. Now it’s dropping about the time I get to my car from the bus. Before the semester is over it will drop soon after I get on the bus. That might be good though. I’ll be less likely to get into an accident because I’m distracted by the absolutely gorgeous sunsets we’ve been having.

Since the leaves don’t really change colors here, here’s some photos I took four years ago of the pretty leaves in Utah – Fall Leaves 2006.

One shared thought about Elephants! And Equinoxes!

  1. Brett says:

    “Elephants and Equinoxes” sounds like a catchy book title. Not *exactly* sure what the book would be about at this point… :brett:


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