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The dumb questions that pop up in my day to day life that just make me scratch my head a bit.

Children’s Songs

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In which “Where is Thumbkin?” takes over 15 minutes to sing and the ultimate fate of a baby bumblebee is up for debate. Keep reading


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My daughter has no living memory of the attacks that happened on this date. How do I ensure these memories live on in the next generation? How do I help her understand the significance of what happened? Without a living memory, are we doomed to live it again? Keep reading

To see the stars!

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I cannot look up at the sky without awe and wonder. What gives you a sense of awe and wonder? Keep reading

What calms you?

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I do stress. But I’m not THAT stressed out. There have to be more things that calm me. So I’ve been trying to come up with a good long list of the things I do to help me relax. Keep reading

Women and education

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What do you think is the purpose of education in our culture? What is the purpose of education in your life? Keep reading

Being prepared

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A solar storm like the one that happened over 100 years ago … would knock out not just electricity, but water, sewage, gas, communications, all kinds of stuff, and possibly for months. … Can you really call yourself prepared without chocolate? Keep reading

Developing talents

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I hum in the shower. I don’t have to interrupt humming like I would singing or whistling when there’s water all over my face. So I hum. Keep reading