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My response to things in the news.

Things to think about

Categories: Health, News, Science & Tech

Little kids and shots. Vacation days. Dwarf planets. The language of the human condition. Keep reading

Something to talk about

Categories: Education, Learn Something, News, Random

If you are looking for things to talk about around the water cooler or at dinner, here are a few options – Ice/Green-land. Revolutionary toilets. Coloring. Personalities. Dancing. Keep reading

Random news that caught my eye

Categories: News

What men want. Why we squeeze cute things. Bell ringing and buggy pushing records. Jefferson’s chemistry lab. The science of screams. Keep reading

Babies & Brains & Baby Brains

Categories: News, Science & Tech

I made Brett promise me that after we had kids I’d still be able to have conversations about topics other than baby poop. So here are some things I’ve learned about babies and brains and baby brains. Baby brains are one of my favorite topics. Keep reading

New-ish Newsy News

Categories: News, Science & Tech

Some things I’ve learned in the last month or two while reading the news, basically about science, technology, and sleep. Keep reading

News of the week (or so)

Categories: Books, Education, Learn Something, News, Science & Tech

More headlines and news stories that caught my interest and will probably be brought up in some fashion during small talk some time in the future – space, creativity, language, science, bananas, safaris, a little bit of this, that, and the other. Keep reading

News I found interesting in the last week

Categories: Education, Exercise, Family, Learn Something, News, Science & Tech

I like to peruse the headlines of several different online news sites and read whatever catches my attention. Here’s what caught my attention this past week or so. I know Brett just skims these when I do them, but Brett – you’re mentioned in relation to one, so skim a little closer. Keep reading