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NPR: Parents Can Help Reduce Pain And Anxiety From Vaccinations
I read this article the evening after taking Shimei in to get some blood work done where the phlebotomist complimented me on how calm I was while holding him and that it made it so much easier on her and him because of it. I hate to see my kids hurting. But I know they pick up on the slightest little mood change I have and I know the shot will be over so fast so I stay calm and sing in their ear and they’re over it before the band-aid is fully applied.

NPR: Overworked Americans Aren’t Taking The Vacation They’ve Earned
I was terrible at taking my vacation days when I was a school teacher because that involved finding a sub and writing lesson plans and then playing catch-up when I got back. I don’t think I had any vacation days when I worked while as a grad-student. And there aren’t exactly vacation days in my current job either (but I definitely make time to take care of myself). However Brett and I make sure we use all of his vacation days every year. And when we actually do leave the house for vacation and aren’t just hanging out at home we also do our best to disconnect not just from work but from social media as well. More people should be like us. 😉

Scientific American: New Dwarf Planet Found Far beyond Pluto
National Geographic: Why We Missed This Nearby Mini-Planet for So Long
More planets!! I want someone to redo the “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos?” thing to include all the dwarf planets that have been identified. Wait till they give this one a name though.

Scientific American: The Magic of “Untranslatable” Words
I’m not a linguist. But even before learning Portuguese I knew there weren’t enough words in English to describe the entire human condition. I really like that this guy is collecting feeling words from around the world. Maybe there’s a language that has words to help out Dave Matthews and Grover.

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  1. Brett says:

    I need a word to describe the feeling I get when I see somebody playing a banjo and think it is a rather bold choice, but at the same time hope that the next time he sings a song like this he uses a lute. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    I tried to use all of my vacation days at my last job, and if I hadn’t by the end of the year, I tacked them onto my summer vacation. A lot of other admin did too. Now that we can afford real vacations, we’re making an effort to use Blake’s as well. Our community (at least JAG, if not the Navy) encourages taking time off. We also make an effort to really disconnect and stay off social media and sometimes any outside communication at all – focusing on each other and whatever cool things we’re seeing or doing. We still feel pretty new to this post-school life, but we’re trying to take advantage of all the not at work time that we can! Including Sunday afternoon naps.


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