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Family Portraits095I’m having a birthday this weekend. I love birthdays. I love that Iddo calls them happy birthdays. She’s been asking if I’ll have my friends help me with my happy birthday and says she’ll be four on her next happy birthday (she just turned 3 a month ago). But she knows we have to have my happy birthday, Brett’s happy birthday, and Shimri’s and Shimei’s happy birthdays before it’s her happy birthday again. That’s a lot of happy.

Many moons ago when I turned 29 I joked that it was my first 29th birthday. But a year later when I turned 30 I was more than glad to claim 30 and be done with being a twenty-something. The 30s are so much better than the 20s. My 30s have been amazing. They’ve had some crappy points too, of course. But life has been real good for me in my 30s.

So I’ll be celebrating the anniversary of my birth this weekend, not the anniversary of my 29th anniversary of my birth. And I know for a fact that it’ll be a very happy birthday too. I have a lot to be happy about right now.

5 shared thoughts about Definitely not 29

  1. Denicend says:

    Happy Birthday dear one!

  2. Mama g says:

    I’m glad your tummy was available for cake.

  3. HeidiAphrodite says:

    I’m so glad you had a very happy birthday! Love you!

  4. Brett says:

    I have a lot to be happy about too. Probably many of the same things you have.

    I remember being surprised on the day Lauren was born that nurses kept coming in and wishing her a happy birthday. I quickly realized, of course, that not only was it her birthday, but it was, strictly speaking, the only one she would ever have. It just seemed a bit odd hearing it in that context. :brett:

  5. Giggle

    I’m so glad birthdays are happy occasions at your home!


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