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Olympic Stuffs and the Closing Ceremonies

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And the last of the commentary from our crack team of commentators. … Join us in 2018 when we not only commentate on the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, but also compete in our very own Living Room Figure Skating competition. Should be some exciting stuff. Keep reading

Go Olympic Person!

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Some more thoughts from our Olympic commentating team of Brett, Amanda, Iddo, and myself. This time from Friday through Tuesday. Keep reading

I am very Olympic Today

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We’ve found several ways to incorporate the Olympic Rings in our week. And now Iddo is pointing out the Olympic circles every time she sees them. All three kids did some Olympic Rings art. We had Olympic Rings hair. And we all enjoyed our Olympic Rings dips dinner. Keep reading

Olympic ponderings

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Thoughts from me, Amanda, Brett, and Iddo on the Olympics from Monday through Thursday night. Because we are awesome Olympic commentators. Enjoy! Also, clearly I should do these more often because this one gets long. Keep reading

Quotable Olympics

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Just like past years I’m “watching” the Olympics with Amanda. We mainly make fun of the commentators who can’t seem to let a moment pass without saying something so they often say really weird things. Iddo is fine with letting a moment pass without saying something, but because of her understanding of the world, in particular sports, she’s also saying some really weird things. Keep reading

An Olympic Menu

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The Olympics start tomorrow. In Rio! Ah, Brasil. O país do meu coração. We’re going to be watching a lot of Olympics and I’m going to try real hard to not be annoyed at the American announcers mispronouncing all the Portuguese words. I’m crossing my fingers they’ve been practicing. To celebrate we’re going to be having some special themed dinners over the next two weeks – black beans & rice, street vendor hot dogs, Olympic Rings dips, and sushi rolls for the closing ceremonies. Keep reading