Nearer My God to Thee

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Some hymns have always been favorites of mine. This is one of them. I love the connection with the story of Jacob from the Old Testament. I love the pleading in the music itself. And then BYU Vocal Point went and arranged it with Latin as well. Their version gives me chills every time.

It’s good even as an all cello piece.

The version I sing for Shimei isn’t nearly as intricate, but I hope he can sense the meaning and feeling in it.

May your Sabbath draw you nearer to God.

4 shared thoughts about Nearer My God to Thee

  1. Denicend says:

    They gave me chills!

  2. Brett says:

    I always imagine the BYU guys in the background when I hear you singing it to Shimei. :brett:

  3. mama g says:

    I’m glad you told me it was Latin, I always thought it was the Samoan war Song, and wondered how that fit, 🙂

  4. Giggle

    Beautiful. I love cool and different arrangements of songs I’m already familiar with.


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