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This blog is subtitled “All the things that make me giggle…” These are those things.


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Shimei is a daring, throw caution to the wind, adventurous boy who lands on his feet unless someone tries to help him. He is constant motion and prefers to run and jump to places rather than just walk. If he’s up to mischief, it’s the innocent kind. Keep reading


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Shimri is an absolute hoot to be with. Part of it is that you can tell her mind and spirit are so much larger and older than her body would have you believe. She does things with such determination and purpose that it’s funny to watch in a little 2-year-old body. Keep reading


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Do you know how you can go along and think you have everything you need and that everything is great and it’s only because you can’t imagine that anything is missing? And then something comes along and you realize it’s what’s been missing this whole time and you can’t believe you didn’t realize how much you needed it before? Izri is that for our family. Keep reading


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I love our little Iddo. It’s hard to believe how big she is already. … She’s amazing and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel the overwhelming responsibility it is to be her mom and the overwhelming love that goes along with that. Keep reading

My world

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For our anniversary every year we dance to the song we danced to the night of our wedding. Tonight as we danced Brett held Izri in his arms, Shimei took turns holding each of our legs and I held the girls’ hands as they danced around us. It was a moment of joy. It’s amazing what has happened in the last 8 years. And it will continue into eternity. Keep reading

He is our Father

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We are God’s children. So that means He takes us when we’re having a tantrum and holds us on His lap and sings to us our special song until we’ve calmed down. That means He gets up with us in the middle of the night when we throw up and helps us change our sheets and get on new pjs. That means He stays up at night worried about how we’re going to make friends and what He can do to help protect us from the bad that is out there. Keep reading

The Unexpected Influence

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The kids loved trick-or-treating last night. They love wearing their costumes and people were giving them candy. Yea! But they also loved seeing all the people who came to our house as well. Keep reading