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When I was teaching college we had an assignment when we talked about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that asked the students to list everything they did one day and where on Maslow’s hierarchy it fell. The majority of the students did great. But most semesters we’d have a few students who seriously underestimated what self-actualization and transcendence were and tried to tell us that catching up on sports scores, or taking a shower, or packing their bag for school were self-actualizing moments. I’m still not sure how finding out how your sports team did in the game the night before connects you to the greater universe.

I’ve had moments of transcendence though. Finishing my marathons and moments during the half-marathon earlier this year were brief moments of transcendence, followed, particularly after the marathons, by lots of moments of physical needs related to muscle pain.

Eight years ago today I had a transcendent day. I was connected to my parents, my ancestors, and my descendants. I was connected to God and the universe. I touched the eternal. It was the day that Brett and I got married. Looking at the photos takes me back to that day and those feelings.

Giving birth to our children was also an experience with transcendence. I touched the eternal in a different way. The veil between mortal and immortal was very thin. They were moments of intense power and fulfillment. Pain yes, but that ranked down on the scale of feelings really.

For our anniversary every year we dance to the song we danced to the night of our wedding. Tonight as we danced Brett held Izri in his arms, Shimei took turns holding each of our legs and I held the girls’ hands as they danced around us. It was a moment of joy. It’s amazing what has happened in the last 8 years. And it will continue into eternity.

I love this photo we took earlier this year when we took the kids to pick apples. This photo contains my world, my reason for everything.

My world

Thank you, Brett, for making my dreams come true.

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  1. Brett says:

    You’re welcome, and thank you!

    There is a strong correlation between your moments of transcendence in the last eight years and mine. :brett:

  2. Mom says:

    I love the idea that use dance your wedding song every anniversary. And what a choice blessing you had last night to dance with your children also.

  3. Giggle

    I love anniversary traditions that include the couple AND the kids. I hope to find ways to recognize it both in romantic ways and as family birthdays in the future.


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