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I love our little Iddo. It’s hard to believe how big she is already.

She loves to cuddle up to me in the morning when she first wakes up. She loves to take care of her baby brother. She loves to play with her sister. She loves to run with her little brother.

She loves coloring and singing and making new friends.

She loves to do whatever it is I’m doing. If I’m sewing she’s standing next to me or on my lap helping. If I’m doing laundry she needs to be putting the clothes in the washer or drier. If I’m cooking she needs to be adding ingredients. If I’m taking care of a baby she needs to be taking care of her baby. If I’m running she wants to be on her bike to go with me and she’s excited to do her second race next month (although she really wishes she could use her previous race bib for this one, as 367 is HER race number).

She’s ambidextrous and it’s a lot of fun to watch her switch back and forth between her hands while she’s eating, coloring, writing, etc. She’s equally good with both hands too only her name is backwards if she writes it with her right hand.

She’s amazing and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel the overwhelming responsibility it is to be her mom and the overwhelming love that goes along with that.

2 shared thoughts about Iddo

  1. Brett says:

    I tell ya what, after that awesome race she had in February, *I* would have retired her race number. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    She’s a great kid and you’re a great mom!


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