Batty about Family Home Evening

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This is how one thing led to another and we had a bat-themed Family Home Evening last night.

Random Giggles | Batty about Family Home Evening

I saw a craft on Pinterest where they made hanging bats out of toilet paper tubes and I thought that would be a fun thing for Iddo to do to help decorate our house for Halloween. We wrapped paper around our tubes instead of painting them.

And then I realized we have a bat cookie cutter. And we always have cookies for our treat for Family Home Evening.

So I decided we’d make bat cookies for the treat (Iddo would cover that, with help), make bat decorations for the activity (I’d get that set up), and then told Brett he needed to figure out a 3-year-old appropriate gospel lesson related to bats. Good luck!

We started our evening by taking our traditional walk around the neighborhood. We often see bats flitting around in the twilight, especially in the summer, and were hoping to see some this week too, but no luck. Instead as we walked we talked about how bats sleep during the day and then are awake at night. Since they can’t carry flashlights like we were to help them see at night they needed to be able to tell where they are without using their eyes. We talked about how they use sound and echos to help them know where they are.

When we got home we sang “Faith” and then Brett put a blindfold on Iddo and asked her if she’d be able to ride her bike or go play with her eyes covered. Nope. Then he asked her if she could walk to me. I started talking and telling her to come and she walked right to me. Then Brett asked her if she could walk around the kitchen table (a favorite activity in our house) with the blindfold on. Nope. But if he held her hand and guided her she could do it. He took her blindfold off and talked to her about how we can’t see Heavenly Father but we can feel him in our heart, like how she feels when she visits the temple with us, and that he will guide her when she needs help. Awesome lesson!

Can you go ride your bike like this? Heavenly Father will take our hands and guide us

We made our bats and hung them from various lights in the house.

Making bats
Silly bats sleep upside-down

We ate our bat cookies.

bat cookies

And just for fun, I used the same bat cookie cutter to put an impression in some craft foam and then cut around the lines and she got to stick them to the tub walls for her bath.

bats in the bathtub

Bats and faith. A great combination.

4 shared thoughts about Batty about Family Home Evening

  1. Brett says:

    That was the most fun I’ve had at FHE in a long time! :brett:

  2. Mama g says:

    What a fun lesson

  3. Denicend says:

    Great object lesson. The bats are really cute.

  4. AmandaStretch says:

    Love it! That’s a great way to connect bats to the gospel.


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