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Mom & IzriDo you know how you can go along and think you have everything you need and that everything is great and it’s only because you can’t imagine that anything is missing? And then something comes along and you realize it’s what’s been missing this whole time and you can’t believe you didn’t realize how much you needed it before?

Izri is that for our family.

We didn’t know just how much we all needed him until he got here and now we can’t imagine our family without him.

He’s brought out traits in his siblings we didn’t know they had as we’ve watched them take care of him and be so sweet with him.

He’s given me opportunities to do things (like run while pregnant) that I didn’t realize I wanted so badly.

He has the biggest, brightest smile (even when he’s sleeping) and he laughs with such pure joy that we just know the world is a much better place because he’s in it and our family wouldn’t be complete if he weren’t here.

4 shared thoughts about Izri

  1. Mama g says:

    He is a blessing. :heart:

  2. Grandma says:

    I agree he is a true blessing! It is a beautiful picture of mother and child.

  3. Brett says:

    One of my favorite pastimes is getting him to smile. :brett:

  4. Giggle

    I’ve been that way about various apps and gadgetry that makes things easier or more pleasant. Obviously that sounds way better with a person! I’m so glad he’s here!


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