Light and Hope

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I met our infertility doctor on February 1, 2011. Just making that appointment was emotionally hard on me, let alone going to it. It meant admitting there was a problem, that things weren’t working the way we thought they should, that I might be “broken.”

Two years, five months, and two days later, on July 3, 2013, our infertility doctor met our daughter.

In between those days we lived a lifetime of ups and downs.

This month is International pregnancy and infant loss month, with today being the day of remembrance for those little ones.

Today I remember our son.

He was perfect. But I developed a bleed in my uterus and it got too big for him. He forever changed my heart and soul. I felt a morbid sense of relief when we passed 20 weeks with our daughter because it meant I could not medically have a miscarriage any more. At that point it would be classified a still birth. Because of him I would treasure every pregnant moment I ever had again. He is in the back of my mind to help me treasure every moment I have with his sister now.

While I will never wrap him in a quilt in this life, because of his short life we were able to keep pushing forward until we had a child I could wrap in a quilt. He gave us hope.

Tonight I will light a candle for him, and all the others who left too soon, as part of a wave of light across the globe.

4 shared thoughts about Light and Hope

  1. Denice says:

    I share your pain. I still think about the daughter that we lost even though the years have passed. I look forward to meeting her someday on the other side (not ready to meet her yet.)

  2. Mama G says:

    His little light will shine. :sun:

  3. Brett says:

    I remember thinking on a few occasions, that I was running out of hope for success, but the only way to guarantee failure was to quit. I’m glad we’ve been willing to push through the hard times. :brett:

  4. Whitney says:

    Y’all are an inspiration in strength, faithfulness, and endurance. I’m grateful for the knowledge we have of the Gospel!


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