You are probably a feminist (and that isn’t a bad thing)

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When I woke up yesterday morning to feed Iddo her first breakfast my site already had 50 visits for the day. Yesterday a piece I wrote about feminism was published on A Practical Wedding – The Story of a Square-Pegged Feminist.

I have long identified as a feminist, and I’ve long been told that I’m not one, which really annoys me. There are too many people who only see the extreme stereotypes for women. You are either bare-foot, pregnant, in the kitchen and completely submissive or you are a bra-burning man hater. The reality of life is that neither of those stereotypical extremes actually fully exists. Stereotypical extremes of all kinds hurt everyone.

Life is a messy spectrum and I have no internal conflict being a bare-foot feminist with a baby and a PhD, whipping up dinner in the kitchen for my husband while quilt blocks cover the kitchen table. (See “I’m a S.W.A.M.“) I’m a feminist because I want equity for all of humanity, men and women.

I am a woman. That makes me different than men in innumerable ways. It does not make me worse than men. It does not make me better. I have value as a human. I do not need to be a man, or even be like men, to have value.

4 shared thoughts about You are probably a feminist (and that isn’t a bad thing)

  1. Brett says:

    One of the ironies our modern age is that many feminists are passionate about giving women the right to think for themselves and about defending those choices — just as long as they think the right things and make the choices expected of them. “Feminism” in too many people’s minds has become synonymous with “social liberalism.” :brett:

  2. Whitney says:

    Brett’s comment above are my thoughts exactly. Heading over to read your post! 50 hits is great, I love that people are reading your thoughts daily, I think you are awesome!

    • Giggles says:

      That was just by 8am. By the end of the day it had tripled that.

      I tend to like Brett’s thoughts too. That’s why I married him. 😉

  3. Giggle

    This is the kind of feminism and equality I support as well. I also like to think about it as giving everyone all the options. To work, to stay home, to pursue higher education, to not, etc. Men and women. I have a couple of friends here in VA who recently had a baby. The mom is now working and the dad is staying home. If that’s the right choice for them and their family, that’s awesome, and I will support their choice and hope they grant me and my family and our choices the same respect!


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