Monthly Archives: April 2011

To what purpose?

Categories: Gospel

WHY??? … And hey, if it does kill me, at least I won’t have to worry about it any more. Keep reading

Ye took me in

Categories: Gospel, Remembers

The fourth house I lived in had a leaky roof, a bad leaky roof. It rained in our kitchen. It rained so bad we moved our fridge and stove into our front room. Keep reading

House of Prayer

Categories: Gospel

I stress and worry. It’s what I do. … But lately, I’ve realized that while I do have stress and such, there is a lot of peace in my world as well. Keep reading

Palms of Hosanna

Categories: Education, Gospel

Recently as I’ve been studying the scriptures it has struck me how often the Lord is described as equitable. “Equitable” is something we talk a lot about in education. Keep reading

I didn’t plan it, I promise!

Categories: Education

A little while later the intercom came on again and they needed someone to go to classroom 15 1/2. Keep reading

No time!!

Categories: Education, Exercise, Family, Gospel, Life, Musings

I’ve heard people say that they would do this that or the other if they only had the time. But really it’s a lie. Keep reading

Go back to bed?

Categories: Random

That is not a bad song to wake up to. Although it did leave me wondering if it was a sign I should just go back to bed and skip the day. Keep reading