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Random. No other word for it.

7 Years

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Seven years ago this morning my mom and I pulled in to Tucson with all of my stuff after driving all night from Utah. Keep reading

Children’s Songs

Categories: Questions, Random

In which “Where is Thumbkin?” takes over 15 minutes to sing and the ultimate fate of a baby bumblebee is up for debate. Keep reading

Summary of 2014 on the blog

Categories: Life, Random, Science & Tech

In 2014 I wrote 91 posts and there were 421 shared thoughts. Here is how it all broke down by month, day, and hour. Keep reading

Elves on Shelves

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Putting out little elves is probably a tradition. But that tradition did not involve as much planning and mess as the people on Pinterest would have you believe. Maybe we could go back to just putting the darn thing on a shelf and leave it at that. Keep reading

Pruning friends & junk mail

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I don’t prune friends that often, but every now and then I think it’s good to clean up some social clutter from our lives. … Every time the L.L.Bean catalog arrives I have to remind myself I live in Southern Arizona and we don’t do a lot of bundling up. Keep reading

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

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You’d think we’d keep track of deadly viruses better. Could north and south switch in our life time? When I go to Wales I want to see this tree. Why I’m against any form of cry-it-out for our children. Keep reading

Always something to say

Categories: Education, Exercise, News, Random, Science & Tech

The secret to enjoying exercise. Not letting things disable you. Heat. When the students know more than the teachers (or really the politicians). Learning a language. An American hero. Keep reading