What did they expect?

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There have been a few punks going around our neighborhood at night the last several weeks going through unlocked cars to see what they could take. I’ve been real good at locking our car at night. But last Thursday night we went to renew our temple recommends so got home when it was already past bedtime and the kids were cranky and tired and we wanted to get them to bed fast so our routine was off and we didn’t lock the car.

Which is why on Friday afternoon last week when I went to load up the car so I could take the kids to the library I just had to laugh that the punks thought a mini-van with four car seats in it would have nice things inside that they could easily take. I could tell they’d gone through the compartments in the front of our van because a few things were out of place.

They found felt pirate eye-patches, and left them. They found fourth of July bandanas, and left them. And they found Krispy Kreme coupons, and left them (Brett says if he was a punk he would’ve taken the coupons). There might have been a few pennies they found and took but that’s really all that was available.

A family that has a mini-van with four car seats does not have money for nice things to just leave in the car.

2 shared thoughts about What did they expect?

  1. Brett says:

    Stealing Krispy Kreme coupons is a bit of a temptation for me even though I’m not a punk. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    Ooh, pennies. They’ll be able to buy . . . nothing. Good work, punks!


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