S’mores to the next level

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At our family reunion this past August my sister’s family introduced us to “exotic” s’mores. We went beyond the graham, chocolate and ‘mallow. And it was delicious. Rolos, grasshopper cookies, lemon curd, etc. The kids decided they really liked them too, which was surprising since they all hadn’t been to excited about roasting marshmallows at home. Roasting the marshmallows with Uncle Giles helped with that excitement.

Tonight we had a fire for our Family Home Evening in honor of Guy Fawkes Day yesterday and did my current favorite variation of s’mores. Instead of graham crackers we used homemade sugar cookies. And if we’d had an extra pair of adult hands I would’ve brought out our lemon curd as well. It is a tangy, sweet, mushy goodness and I may never go back to the regular way again.

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    I’ve tried some exotic s’mores, but I haven’t tried lemon curd yet. That sounds amazing!

  2. Brett says:
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    Good stuff. :brett:

  3. HeidiAphrodite says:
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    This is why I need a fire pit! Or to pull out the roasting sticks and use our fireplace more this winter…


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