Expressions of Love

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Last night as I was putting Shimri to sleep and she was taking her sweet time I started texting Brett a series of questions I saw a few other women on Facebook asking their husbands. It was entertaining and I loved Brett’s answers.

What is something I say a lot?
You always seem new and refreshing to me.

What makes me happy?

What makes me sad?

What’s my favorite thing to do?

How tall am I?
Five foot six or five foot seven. I can never remember.

What’s my best feature?
Why are you asking these questions?
It’s a FB thing and I’m bored.
Your Vernal Hacking nose.
(Okay. So story. During Sunday School, which Brett was teaching, he asked the class what it meant to take upon us the name of Christ. I shared the story of how the first day of my children’s lit. class in college the professor, completely out of the blue to me, asked if I had Hacking relatives in Vernal, Utah. And I do. My grandma was a Hacking from Vernal. He said he could tell because he recognized my nose. I carry that part of my family with me front and center. Since taking upon me the name of Christ at baptism I want to live so that people will recognize His name in the way I live. Also, that story made me love my nose even more.)

What do I do when you’re not around?
Take care of kids. Same thing you do when I am around.

What’s your favorite TV show?

If I became famous what would it be for?
Your Vernal Hacking nose

What makes you proud of me?
That you manage to keep the zoo contained.

What’s your favorite thing I cook?
I go through moods, but lately I’ve enjoyed your beans and rice.

Where can I most likely be found?
Shimri’s and Shimei’s room, I think.
(I think he thought I was asking at that moment. That’s where I was at the time but I’m actually not there very often.)

What is my favorite food?
No idea.
(Fair enough, because I wouldn’t know how to answer that question either. Give me a genre and I’ll have a better idea.)

What is my favorite restaurant?

What’s one thing I’m not good at?
Getting to bed on time.
(So true. Although I’m better at it since we got married then I was when I was single.)

Where is my favorite place to be?
In my arms.

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
The moon.

Do you think you could live without me?

How do I annoy you?
I’ll have to think a long time about that.

What’s my best quality?
Your willingness not to get worked up about things.

Who’s my favorite person?

What’s your favorite thing about me?
Your intellect*

There are a lot of different ways to express love. The answers Brett gave me last night were one way, he went along with keeping me entertained and his answers show just how much he pays attention to me.

This video came out several years ago about the importance of expressing our love and I love it.

I keep a pink Camelbak filter water bottle next to our bed for when I get thirsty at night. Brett bought it for me for Christmas in 2011. That was a rough Christmas. It’s a simple water bottle but I cherish it. Because for me it shows that Brett is aware of my needs, large and small, and that he’s invested in taking care of me.

There are so many ways large and small to express our love. The important thing is that we do it.

2 shared thoughts about Expressions of Love

  1. Brett says:

    When you go to the moon, be sure to take me with you. Love you! :heart: :brett:

  2. Giggle

    For some reason, Blake and I have a tradition that whoever gets to the toothbrushes first makes gets both ready as a way of showing love for each other. I was actually telling someone that this morning, and I realized that even though I’d left home first and was eating breakfast at girl’s camp (it’s at the campground attached to our housing detachment, so a 30 minute walk from home, and I’m helping out a couple hours each morning this week), Blake probably made me a toothbrush that was waiting for me whenever I got to it. I thought of that immediately when I read the title of this post and finally checked for it at 4:45pm. Yep! There was a toothbrush I had forgotten about ready and waiting! I was babysitting/babywearing a crying baby at the time, which made it tricky to make this long of a comment and to brush my teeth, so now it’s 7:15pm and there is still a toothbrush in my bathroom that I haven’t used. (:


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