Adventure is out there?

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Adventure is out there! But I think we miss a lot of the adventure that is in here by always looking out there.

Back in April I reconnected with a friend of mine from high school, one of the few people from high school I was actually excited to find on social media. We haven’t seen each other in about 20 years and she asked what I’d been up to. This is how I replied (5 days before Shimri and Shimei were born):

The highlights – Got an elementary education degree at BYU, student taught in Mexico. Served a mission for the LDS church in Brasil for 18 months. Taught computers at an elementary school in Utah for 5.5 years and got a masters degree in education while doing that. And learned to belly dance. Met a Mr. Dennis on-line at the beginning of 2006. He lived in Arizona. Decided to get a PhD in education in Arizona much to his dismay. Moved to Tucson in 2008. In 2009 he decided me moving here was a good idea and we got married in November 2009. Discovered I am infertile and did that whole crazy thing. Got pregnant (and stayed pregnant) on our 6th round of IVF in 2012. Finished my dissertation and graduated very pregnant in 2013. Had our daughter in the summer of 2013. Got pregnant again last year and will have twins (a daughter and a son) sometime in the next week or so.

Day-to-day my life would probably be pretty boring. Right now it’s a never ending cycle of diaper changes. But take the bigger picture, step back a bit, and I’ve led a pretty adventurous life! And I’ve still got a lot of life left to live too. Given the right screen writer it might even make a decent movie.

The more of life I live the more convinced I am that everyone has an incredibly interesting life, the trick is knowing how to tell the story. Have you seen Humans of New York? Every person he talks to has a super fascinating story.

What are the highlights of your life in the last 20 years? What kind of adventures are you living each day?

5 shared thoughts about Adventure is out there?

  1. Denicend says:

    Wonderful attitude!

  2. Denicend says:

    Wonderful attitude

  3. Brett says:

    I’d like to see you zoom out and do that for the entire 4.5 billion years of Planet Earth’s history — decade by decade. :brett:

  4. Giggle

    And another prompt for a future Friday! That is a great question, but my life has definitely taken some interesting twists. And if we can get off the waitlist for the job we’re hoping for and onto the commission list, there will be more adventures to come! Though, honestly, there will be more adventures regardless. 8)

  5. HeidiAphrodite says:

    It’s good to review what you’ve done when you’re having the kind of day/week/month where you feel like you haven’t done ANYTHING worthwhile. 🙂


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