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Some recent news stories that made me think, some more deeply than others.

Makes me want to get a ukulele – BBC | The ukulele maker and his race against Parkinson’s

Makes me glad we read to our children – NYT | Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Makes me amazed at life and confused at those who don’t value it – SA | Study of Fetal Perception Takes Off

Makes me glad my research didn’t take 108 years to complete. And makes me want to write a message in a bottle – BBC | ‘Oldest’ message in a bottle found more than 108 years on

Makes me want to go eat some watermelon – National Geographic | The 5,000-Year Secret History of the Watermelon

Makes me want to go play some croquet with my in-laws again. And makes me want to read Harry Potter Mirror | Fans include Downton and Diddy but English summer game croquet is in danger of dying out

Makes me wonder what it is about the knitting – New Scientist | For an easier birth, stop thinking about it

Makes me want to stack some blocks – Smithsonian Magazine | Playing Tetris Could Stop Traumatic Memories from Becoming Flashbacks

Makes me feel less guilty about all the ants I’ve stepped on either purposefully or on accident. Also makes me glad I didn’t have to watch ants for my research – Quartz | Scientists say many worker ants are actually super lazy

4 shared thoughts about News making me think

  1. Brett says:

    What if all of my traumatic memories were caused by bad games of Tetris? :brett:

  2. Mama g says:

    I love how Lauren always asks for a story during box time. :read:

  3. Giggle

    I volunteered with Reach Out and Read for a little while. I definitely look forward to reading with my kids!

    I would like to try having an unmedicated birth experience – I really dislike pain, but if I know there is a reason for it and once I’m in labor that’s my job and focus for only a relatively short time, plus the fact that women gave birth like that for thousands of years, then I’d like to think I can handle it. I don’t want to go the unassisted route, because those women of history were generally not alone, but if there are ways, like trying to not think about it, than can help me be successful in this area, then I’m in favor of considering it.


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