Winning an argument with a 4-year-old

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I got into an argument with my then four-year-old nephew earlier this year. And yes, that’s just as silly as it sounds. We were arguing which of us likes space more. Despite what he says, I have a lot more years of liking space so I think I’m the bigger space fan. He has yet to make his family get up at 2am to watch an eclipse or meteor shower (I’ve made Brett do both).

Earlier this year on May 24th I was able to take a photo of four planets, half the solar system. In this photo you can see Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Earth.

Half the solar system in one photo

The funny think about the photo is I asked Brett if he wanted to go see half the solar system and he asked where. I told him it was in our backyard. He’s probably remembering the time I showed up at his door when we were still dating and told him there was a new planet in his backyard. It was one of the ones they’d recently discovered orbiting a distant star and you could see the star from his backyard.

So until my nephew takes a photo of more than half the solar system, I’m going to maintain my claim that I’m the bigger space fan.

3 shared thoughts about Winning an argument with a 4-year-old

  1. mama g says:

    It took me a minute to figure out you were talking about Bug. My first thought was, Brett doesn’t have nephews that young, and then it dawned on me. :whistle:

  2. Anjuli says:

    You aren’t playing fair. He doesn’t have a camera yet. He did, however, command a space mission to the moon during his quiet time today.

    (Copied from Facebook.)

  3. Brett says:

    I think I’m the biggest space fan. I even watched Toy Story. “Infinity and BEYOND!” :brett:


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