Ooooohhh Mmmmyyy!

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Just watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 trailer. I’ll wait while you watch it.

CHILLS! I love the pacing of the music. I love the pacing of the clips. I just absolutely love it. SO EXCITED!!

I will definitely be at the midnight showing. :owl:

3 shared thoughts about Ooooohhh Mmmmyyy!

  1. Mitali says:

    I will live vicariously. Oh, to one day see a movie in the theater again at midnight! 🙂

    • Brett says:

      I will also live vicariously. That means I will both see the movie, AND be fully alert at work the next day. And then I will go see it in person a week or two later with Lisa when we don’t even have to stand in line for a ticket. This, I submit, is wisdom. :brett:

  2. michelle.mdc says:

    Looks Great! I can’t wait!


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