Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

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My ancestral heritage is British (I wanted to put Anglo-Saxon on the census last year but Brett wouldn’t let me). So I figure that lets me care a little about this. Plus, British people are rather fun to watch. I didn’t watch it live, that whole sleep thing got in the way, but I’ve watched the replays (wearing my pretty-pretty-princess hat of course).

We didn’t pick out trees (not flowers, TREES!) to decorate with at our wedding. Whole military troops didn’t have to practice for our wedding. Nobody put our faces on flags. I think we got off easy, and I prefer it that way.

In class this morning I heard one of my students say basically, “her dress was beautiful but I think she could’ve done better.” I’m not really sure what that means. I think it was a lovely dress.

Our wedding was wonderful, but I’m so glad it wasn’t broadcast for the world so people couldn’t make those kind of comments about my dress. Having your wedding on TV reruns also seems real weird to me. And Brett says I’m his Princess (he’s called me that for years), and that’s more than enough for me.

I wonder just how far up the name Catherine will go on the list of popular names this year. It was number 177 in the US in 2009 (the latest year they have data for), and it’s been going down for a while. I’d expect a big jump.

Favorite crowd sign – “Checkmate Kate – you’ve taken the King.” The British commentators liked it too.

And that little girl on the balcony covering her ears was just adorable.

I wish them well.

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  1. Giggles says:

    Watching the rest of the BBC broadcast (replay) this morning, Brett asked how these royals are related to the ones in history. So I spent far too long in my morning sorting through wikipedia and came up with this chart – British Monarchy. There it is, just in case you are interested too.

  2. Giggle

    I’m looking forward to the addition of sleeves on a lot more wedding dresses. So classy! So much more you can do with sleeves than the stupid strapless look that not everyone could pull off.

    • Giggles says:

      I’m glad she had sleeves too. I saw a dearth of sleeves elsewhere this weekend. Why do people think sleeves are so “vintage”? (I actually heard someone refer to wanting a dress with sleeves as wanting something vintage. If Heidi was dead she’d’ve rolled over in her grave. As it is, I think I could see her eyes roll clear from here.)

      I also found it fun that they got engaged in October 2010, announced it in November of 2010, and got married in April 2011. None of this year-and-a-half long engagement thing. Good for them.


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