Monthly Archives: March 2011

No Gym?!?

Categories: Exercise

“Oh no! However can they lose weight if they can’t go to the gym?” Which to me is just crazy. Here’s what my “gym equipment” looks like. Keep reading

Butterflies and Ides

Categories: Learn Something, Life

Monarch migrations and dinner for the Ides of March. Keep reading


Categories: Food, Happy Things

I attempted to make pie pops for our Pi(e) party. There is a reason I sewed for our wedding and didn’t cook. Keep reading

Defining Charity

Categories: Gospel

It was a talk about what charity truly is and how it is so much more than just casseroles. Keep reading

She’s going to be a mommy!

Categories: Happy Things

These will be the only pictures I will take of inside the nest for now because momma bird doesn’t like it when I do it. Keep reading

Humming Happily

Categories: Family, Happy Things

The story starts with Brett taking me on a date. And it ends with a hummingbird. Now for the details. Keep reading

Giggles Parade 2011

Categories: Random

This year I think I want to drive a float. And it’s a jungle theme float Rose Parade style, so it smells absolutely yummy. What will you do in the parade? Keep reading