This week is declared over

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Monday night I was dicing the tomato for tacos and sliced the very tip of my finger. There wasn’t a whole lot of blood and by Wednesday it didn’t hurt to bump it any more. Slicing fingers isn’t that smart.

Then tonight I knocked my water bottle over onto my netbook. It’s still working. I have it set up like a tent so the water will all dry out. It looks like it’ll be okay, but still stupid.

Then, less than an hour later, I burnt the same sliced finger on the edge of the frying pan. No blister, but a slight red mark. Stupid.

Less than an hour after that I was pulling tator tots out of the freezer (because Brett’s been asking for tator tot casserole) and knocked a glass with canned peach juice in it off the counter. It bounced twice splashing only juice everywhere. On the third bounce it broke, spreading glass everywhere.

Monday and Friday not so cool this week for me. And my week wasn’t even the worst I know of.

I’m calling this week over. I’m done with it. 🙁

We’ll start again tomorrow with General Conference.

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  1. Giggle

    What a fine thing to start a new week! :joy:


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