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Stitching things together. My quilting, sewing, knitting, and crafting adventures

Pinterest Inspiring

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Pinterest isn’t a bad place to find ideas, to find a starting point to mix, mash, and modify to make it your own. But wouldn’t it be better to spend more time trying to live an inspiring life rather than an inspired one? Keep reading

Two More Turtle Quilts

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The thing with twins is that you often have twice as many things to get ready for them but you don’t have twice the time. Which is why it isn’t surprising it took me just over 13 months to finish Shimri’s and Shimei’s turtle quilts. I love that each of our kids’ quilts are unique but that there are elements in each that tie them together too. Keep reading

Easter Chicks

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The three things I want our kids to know about Easter are, in order, Jesus, candy, and new clothes. There was a basket of candy in the living room Sunday morning with new clothes all laid out next to it. There was also a small toy in it for each of our kids. I made little chicks the perfect size for our kids’ little hands that each have their own little egg to hide in. Keep reading


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Two weeks ago we put up our hummingbird feeders. It immediately prompted Iddo to ask what a hummingbird was and where they lived. We quickly looked up some photos of hummingbirds and their nests and I decided that after her nap we’d spend the afternoon exploring hummingbirds and learning about them. Keep reading


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First, yes, it’s my dad that knit the sweaters. It keeps catching me off guard when people are so surprised by that. Why is a man who knits such a shock to so many people? Anyway. … Keep reading

Crafts with my kiddos – Other mediums

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Last week I shared all the hand and foot print art I’ve done with our kids. This week I wanted to share the other types of art that I’ve done with them so far. Keep reading

Crafts with my kiddos – Hand & foot prints

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While you can find a million and one ways to have a child do a hand or foot print and then have an adult decorate it, I wanted the majority of the crafts we did to involve their creativity as much as possible, not mine. Iddo now LOVES to do hand prints with the ink pad. Here are some of the things we’ve done with hand and feet prints and what ages we did them at. Keep reading