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I remember when…

The Reader, Part 2

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This is the part of my story as a reader where I became obsessed with Harry Potter. … This is the point of the story where everyone who knows me now rolls their eyes so far back into their head they see their brain stem. … I’ve never left a book store to a cheering crowd before. It was real amazing. … The books completely fill, left to right and top to bottom, a shelf on my bookcase. … And that’s the power of a good book (series). Keep reading

Do you have a name?

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Temples are one of God’s greatest blessings to us here on Earth. In temples we can make sacred covenants with God as we progress towards exaltation, sealing us together as a family never to be separated, not even and especially, by death. And even more, we can act as proxy for our ancestors who have died and give them the chance to make those same covenants. How great is the love of our Heavenly Father that he does not deny anyone the opportunity for exaltation! Keep reading

The Reader, Part 1

Categories: Books, Education, Remembers

From books I loved (and hated) as a child, through books I loved (and loathed) in high school, to the literary discoveries of books I loved (and discarded) in college. Library trips and book series (finished and unfinished). Authors to follow and unfollow. Keep reading

Topical Autobiographies

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I overheard a woman at the dentist talking about how she was going to write a “historical autobiography” and I thought she probably didn’t understand the meaning of at least one of those words. … So I’m going to start semi-regularly writing my autobiography by topic. Feel free to suggest any topics you’d like to hear my story on. Keep reading

Making Memories

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When I travel somewhere I know my time there is limited and I want to make the most out of every minute I have there and not miss a thing. So that means limited stopping time for eating, sleeping, and doing other necessities. I just go go go go go. And I love it. And then I come home and crash. Keep reading

First memories

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What is your first memory? How far back can you remember? And what kind of memory is it? As we watch Iddo it’s clear she remembers things from one day to the next. What will her first memory be? Keep reading

Scrubbing the floor

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Skating all over the floor to clean it instead of mopping it. Making cleaning the floor a game. Keep reading