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Brett has yet to become accustomed to how I travel. When I travel somewhere I know my time there is limited and I want to make the most out of every minute I have there and not miss a thing. So that means limited stopping time for eating, sleeping, and doing other necessities. I just go go go go go. And I love it. And then I come home and crash. That’s how I grew up doing vacations.

When I was in 6th or 7th grade we took the week of spring break and did a loop of New Mexico (we were living in Santa Fe at the time) and saw where Smokey Bear was found and buried, where Billy the Kid was jailed and escaped, White Sands, the International Space Hall of Fame, and Carlsbad Caverns.

We spent a week in the DC area when I was in high school and we spent every waking minute seeing as many monuments and museums as we could. It was a lot of fun.

My family knows how to pack a vacation.

We have our first big trip scheduled with our kids for next summer and I’m already excited. I have such great memories of trips and vacations with my family and all that we were able to see and do together. And now I get to pass on my crazy vacationing to the next generation, tempered, of course, with a bit of Brett’s sit back and relax style of vacationing. And hopefully they’ll have some great memories to look back on too.

3 shared thoughts about Making Memories

  1. Denicend says:

    I also love to see everything when I travel.

  2. Brett says:

    All I’m suggesting is that maybe we forgo one of the go’s. Isn’t “go go go go” enough? :brett:

  3. Giggle

    I’m with you for most vacations. There is so much to see and do everywhere! Blake is the same way. However, when we went to upstate New York on our church history vacation last year, we pretty much had to call it a night when all the little nearby towns rolled up their sidewalks at 5 PM. We still managed to go to the temple one night, eat tasty foods from places that didn’t close, and enjoy some movies in our hotel room. Relaxing is good too.


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