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Let’s see if my commenters are up to the challenge.

The Reader, Part 3

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When I started teaching school I met some amazing people. We had a sixth grade teacher at our school who showed me how her kids kept track of their reading. They each had a sheet of paper with a chart on it, one row for each book. The columns were title, author, pages, start, finish, and rating. I liked it. And since I’d recently started my own website (this one), I decided I’d turn the paper chart into an electronic one on my website and I started keeping track of all the books I read. And since I had more space than just a row on a chart I added in a review of the books as well. And that is how “Giggles Book Log” came to be. Keep reading

Up-Goer Five

Categories: Challenges, Life

Showing the power of precise language. Can you explain what you do using only the 1,000 most common words in the English language? Keep reading

Book Spine Poetry

Categories: Books, Challenges

I just discovered Book Spine Poetry (writing a poem using book titles by stacking the books and taking a picture). And I just had to try it. Keep reading

Open the floor for questions

Categories: Challenges, Science & Tech

I’ve decided I’d like a FAQ section here on … But in order to do that, I need some questions. … Ready. Set. Ask! Keep reading

What emotion is that?

Categories: Challenges, Science & Tech

Just what kind of emotion does a tractor express? … What’s a turtle day like for you? Keep reading

Biography in a Box

Categories: Challenges, Life, Meme, Work

“In a shoebox or some other container, you will collect up to 5 items that reflect or represent important aspects of yourself” … Keep reading

Six words

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Here’s another writing challenge for you to start thinking about. And this time it’s real short. But that doesn’t mean it’s real easy. Keep reading