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(Not) Licensed to Teach

Categories: Education, Work

At the close of business hours this past Monday my teaching license expired. I was a licensed teacher for just over 12 years, a full third of my life currently. … Here’s to the next chapter in my life, a life unfettered by licenses. Keep reading

That’s so quantum!

Categories: News, Science & Tech

I think in another life I could’ve been a quantum physicist. … Just in case we ever invite you over for dinner, here’s some reading to bring you up to speed. Keep reading

Reading to Iddo

Categories: Books

We love reading to Iddo. She loves turning pages. She’s trying to be a speed reader and flips through the books real fast. One of my favorite things to watch her do is when she sits down next to her books and pulls them all out in a big stack on and around her lap and goes through them. Keep reading

His daughter

Categories: Family, Gospel

We talked adoption. The idea came up a lot. I read blogs by adoptive parents. But the idea never felt right to either of us. And adoption is not something you just do and it is definitely not something you do unless you are full heart and soul committed. Keep reading

Math and technology items

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Three times now I have brought up string theory and quantum physics in small talk at parties. Only once did it go over well. The other two times resulted in a mix of blank stare plus confusion. Perhaps I could talk about these topics? Keep reading

An ocean spilled out

Categories: Family, Gospel, Infertility, Politics, Venting

If the emotions of my hidden ocean were to spill on the floor last week… Infertility SUCKS! Help thou mine unbelief. Keep reading

Articles I read and liked

Categories: Education, Exercise, News, Science & Tech

The problems with minimalism. Greatness is in your genes. Weird running thoughts. A touching tribute to WWI. Keep reading